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Company Message

Company Message

Alternative Firearm Coatings: Tim is an expert at Ceracoat application. Any color, any firearm... he can take care of. Ceracoat is a tuff ceramic spray on finish that is very wear resistant and will protect your firearm from moisture, sweat, and corrosion.

Contact Tim .....   [email protected]

Check out the Website....

Robar: An industry leader for years in aftermarket firearms finishing. With finishes such as NP3, NP3+, Roguard and more. They also do modifications and enhancements to firearms. The are a full service company.

Check out the Website....

Contact them....      [email protected]

Call them....            (623) 581-2648

KT's Custom Mark 1 Grips:  If you have a Ruger Mark 1 and want a set of custom wood grips for it, you need to contact Kevin Turner. He is a talented wood worker and makes grips for these great plinking/practice firearms. If you have a Mark 2 or Mark 3 he might be able to help you too... he also dabbles a little with 1911 grips. Contact him to see what he can do for you.

Check out the Website....

Contact Kevin ....    [email protected]

Red-E-Stand: Simple and easily assembled and disassembled target stands for your shooting needs. Can be easily transported to your favorite shooting spot, assembled and then disassembled after your done for easy transport back home. Great stands and very affordable. Comes with choices of uprites, either wood 1x2 or 1" pvc tubing. Rick Inmon is the owner.

Check out the Website.....

Contact Rick......            [email protected]

Call them.....                 (623) 680-4208

Copper Star Indoor Shooting Range: The only indoor range in the quad-city area with a 100 yard "indoor" rifle range. Newly opened in the Verde Valley, they are a state of the art indoor shooting and archery range. They also have an ammunition manufactures licence... meaning that the range ammo they have is basically new manufacture at very reasonable pricing.

We are partnered with them for our classes and range time. Please check them out for your practicing needs.

Check out the Website.....

Contact them.....               [email protected]

Call them......                    (928) 567-5300

P3DT Precision 3D Targets: This company is the exclusive supplier of targets for NSR Trainng. They have 2D as well as 3D targets that are unique in human shape to give a much more realistic training experience.

The 3D targets can be dressed with nomal clothes and hats as well as having organ simulation bags (paint bags), placed inside to give even more realizim. And are fully biodegradable/recyclabe. The company also makes steel targets.

A great target company for unique targets.

Check out the Website.......

Contact them......                 [email protected]

Call them.........                    (480) 518-2550   

XF7 Weapons Grade Lubricant: NSR Training uses XF7 Lubriant exlusively for all our firearms. A little goes along way with this gun lube. It is Military grade weapon lube, does not attract dirt and will keep your firarms running when others have failed .

Highley recommended.

Check out the Website.......

Contact them.....                   [email protected]

T.B.N. Mobile Fingeprinting LLC: Phil Whitehead is a friend of NSR Training. He is a 30 year retired law enforcement officer and is an expert in the fingerprinting field. We use him for all of our finger printing needs.

A real professional.

Address.....      Phil Whitehead ( Prescott Valley AZ )

Contact them.. [email protected]

Call ..........      (928) 775-9192 (office) or (928) 237-0073 (cell)