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Company Message

Company Message

Class Registration Form. Right click on Page and print.

Fill out and send in with your deposit to:

NSR Training LLC

6704 E Glenna Ct

Prescott Valley, AZ 86314

When it's received, you will be contacted about the next available class scheduled.


NSR Training

Non- Standard- Response Firearms Training

Class Registration


 NRA Certified Classes                 Non NRA Classes

__ Basic Pistol Shooting                   __ Basic Handgun Orientation

___ Personal Protection In               __ Basic Rifle Orientation

      The Home

                                                           __ Basic Shotgun Orientation

                 CCL                                 __ Defensive Handgun

___ Concealed Carry Class                __ Defensive Rifle

                                                           __ Defensive Shotgun

Name: ________________________________

                (please print)                                           (please sign)

Address: _______________________________

                                        (required for mail confirmation)

Phone #: ___________ Email: ______________

Method of Payment:

Note: When printing out and sending       Check: _______

this form, it is best for both parties to      Money order: ______

make payment with check or money

order to : Gilbert Brumana DBA NSR Training LLC

Deposit:_______ Balance: ________

                                          (Non Refundable)

Contact : Gilbert Brumana at NSR Training 928-759-2349

Email at [email protected]

Online at

NSR Training LLC

6704 E Glenna Ct

Prescott Valley, AZ 86314